Curl by Curl Cuts

A specialist cutting service for hair worn naturally curly. 

Curly cut with Tasha

Are you looking for a curly specialist? Then stop right here! We are excited to be able to offer curl by curl cuts and colouring with our curl specialist Tasha. There aren’t many salons in the South East that offer these services and we are proud to be one of the only ones in the area who can.     

When you arrive for your curly appointment we will have an in depth consultation with you about your curls, your lifestyle, how you like to wear your hair and how you would like your hair to look. We will then cut your hair whilst dry; curl by curl so as to see how your natural curls sit. After the dry cut we will then wash it using shampoo specially formulated for curly hair. Your hair will only be combed once wet and with conditioner in to detangled and to help your curl clumps form. We will then style and dry your hair and refine the cut at the end if needed.


How to arrive for your curly cut appointment:

Please come with your hair dry and as you would usually wear it with your usual products applied, ideally having washed it one or two days before your appointment. Or if you find your curls behave best on wash day then wash that morning and arrive to your appointment with dry hair.

When booking your appointment please be sure to ask for a curly cut with Tasha.

Curly 101

If you feel you are not quite ready for a cut but just want to explore your curls and see what potential they may have then book in for a ‘Curly 101’ with Tasha.

During this service Tasha will have a thorough consultation with you, giving tips and ideas for how to manage and style your hair. After this your hair will be washed using our shampoo specially formulated for curly hair then a treatment applied. Following this you will be taught how to diffuse dry your hair at home and will be given tips on how to style it after it has been dried. 

This service is the perfect opportunity to talk about future ideas for your hair, ask any questions you may have and have a lesson in how to manage your hair to keep your curls looking at their best.